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Work permit in Ukraine

Price: 7000 UAH for 1 year, 10000 UAH for 2 years.

On 23th of May 2017 the President of Ukraine signed the Law of Ukraine No. 2058-VIII dated 05/23/2017 "About Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding the Reduction of Barriers to Attracting Foreign Investment" (hereinafter - the Law). Entered into force on 27th of September 2017.

Now, at the level of the Law, not only the general rights of citizens, guarantees of rights and freedoms, basic duties, the general legal status of foreigners are determined, but also the procedures and mechanisms for obtaining work permits to use the labor of foreigners and for obtaining residence permits are regulated with maximum detail.

Despite the rather loud name, this Law does not significantly change the legal status of foreigners who plan to work in Ukraine, nor does it simplify the procedure for employers to obtain work permits and residence permits. One of the consequences of the Law is the requirement for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to abolish by-laws that define the mechanism and procedure.

Most of the provisions in the Law relate to issues of the procedure for issuing permits to use the labor of foreigners, amending such permit and extending its validity. The list of documents that necessary for obtaining, amending and extending the validity period of a permit, the size of the fee for issuing and extending the validity period of a permit, the procedure for amending a permit, the time period for considering applications from employers, the procedure for correcting errors in submitted documents, and so on is also established.

Work permit in Ukraine

The procedure for obtaining work permits in Ukraine

  1. The employment center decides to issue a permit within 3-7 business days from the date of submission of the relevant documents.
  2. After reviewing the documents, no later than 2 working days, the decision is sent to the employer and posted on the The employment center's website.
  3. After making a positive decision, the employer pays the state payment for issuing the permit. Upon receipt of the permit for a period of 1 year, the payment is 4 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens (this is 8408 UAH). Upon receipt of a permit for a period of 3 years, the state payment is UAH 12,612. (6 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens).
  4. Not later than 3 working days after the amount for issuing the permit has been credited to the account of the employment center, the employer may receive such a permit “on hand”.
  5. Within 90 calendar days, the employer must hire a foreign employee to work and notify the employment center of this within the prescribed time

Benefits of working with us

  • Provided that the employer fulfills all the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, we guarantee a positive result and the issuance by the center of employment of a permit to employ a foreigner.
  • When ordering multiple work permits, a discount is provided.
  • The basic lead time is from 5 to 10 business days.
  • Departure of a specialist in Kiev, as well as consultation on all issues regarding foreign citizens - for free.
  • We will be happy to do this work for you.
  • Assistance in obtaining permits to law firms, banks, large companies.
  • Support all stages of obtaining permits.

Please note that use of labor by a foreigner WITHOUT WORK PERMIT is punishable by a fine of 20 minimum salaries.

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