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Recognition of foreign educational documents

The procedure for the recognition of foreign educational documents aims to ensure the rights of citizens who have received education in other countries to continue their education and/or professional activity in Ukraine and is carried out individually.

Recognition of foreign educational documents in Ukraine is carried out in full compliance with the Convention on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications in the European Region, which was ratified by the relevant Law of Ukraine dated December 3, 1999 No. 1273-XIV, and the recommendations of this Convention.

The recognition procedure is carried out based on a person's application submitted to the competent recognition body. The Applicant attaches the following documents to the application:

  1. Certified in accordance with the procedure established by law, a copy and translation into Ukrainian of a foreign document on education (if necessary, the original must be presented);
  2. A certified copy and Ukrainian translation of the appendix to the document and/or other documents that contain information about the content of the Program and study results (if necessary, present the originals) certified in accordance with the procedure established by law. In the event that the country of origin of the Document provides for the issuance of electronic Documents, the Applicant may provide the electronic Document together with a translation of this Document into Ukrainian, certified in accordance with the procedure established by law;
  3. Copies of documents on previous basic/full general secondary, professional (vocational-technical), professional higher education (if such education is available), if necessary;
  4. A document from an official institution (certificate, other) about the academic and/or professional rights granted to the Owner in the country of origin of the Document (if necessary);
  5. Copies of documents certifying the identity of the Applicant and the Owner, if the Applicant is not the Owner.

The procedure for recognition in Ukraine of educational documents issued by educational institutions of other states provides for:

  • • Checking the authenticity of foreign educational documents submitted for recognition, that is, checking the authenticity of the fact of studying and obtaining an educational document. If you provide legalized documents with an "Apostille" stamp or consular legalization, this is enough to confirm the authenticity of the documents. Therefore, they will not require verification of the fact of their issuance, which will significantly speed up the recognition procedure.
  • • Verification of the official recognition of the educational institution that issued the educational document by the education system of the country to which it belongs. This stage includes checking the presence of a certificate of state accreditation of the educational institution and a license at the time of issuing you an educational document.
  • • Establishing the equivalence of the qualification specified in the foreign document on education to the requirements for educational or educational qualification levels of the education system of Ukraine (carried out with the involvement of expert commissions in the relevant specialties).

In the event that the competent body makes a decision on the recognition of the Document, a Certificate of recognition of a foreign educational document in Ukraine is issued, which is valid indefinitely.