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Information about Legalwork

The "Legalwork" was founded in Kiev in 2007.

Today "Legalwork" acts as a reliable adviser in all matters in the field of migration law for more than 30 authoritative ranking law firms and lawyers' associations, as well as 300 successful on the market companies and joint ventures, which are used during the commission of their activities on the territory of Ukrainian labor of hired employees of foreigners and stateless people.


Andrienko Oleksandr. Individual entrepreneur. He has a higher legal education (master's degree in law). Work experience in the legal field - more than 15 years.
Melіanovska Larysa. Holds the position of legal adviser. She has a higher legal education (master's degree in law). Work experience in the legal field - more than 5 years. Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Kalinnikova Olga. Holds the position of legal adviser. She has a higher legal education (master's degree in law). Work experience in the legal field - more than 12 years. Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

One of the main keys to success in the "Legalwork" is a well-honed to precision Swiss watch work of employees of our staff, many of whom are experts in the recent past who worked in subdivisions of the State Employment Service and State Migration Service at all levels are directly related to the process of issuing work permits of foreigners and registration of temporary residence permits in Ukraine.

Our specialists not only possess a theoretical knowledge in the field of immigration law and the legislation of Ukraine, but also know about all the subtleties and nuances of practice passing inside procedures.

On top of that our employees are distinguished by excellent practical skills operational use techniques crisis - management in a variety of emergency situations of our customers.

With many years of successful practical experience and good relations with former colleagues in the service our specialists will easily assist and cooperate fully in quality solutions to the problems.

We will issue a work permit, residence permit, invitation, register the company or place of residence in Ukraine in the shortest possible time and loyal prices.

Today "Legalwork" team unites employees and specialized practitioners in the fields of: migration law, labor law, the state registration of legal entities, accounting services, setting to the temporary registration of foreign vehicles.

Due to high rates of efficiency and reliability, accompanied by the successful implementation of projects in the sphere of labor migration "Legalwork" expanded the range providing the spectrum of services for businesses, which are not only in Kiev and the Kiev region, but also throughout Ukraine.

THE ADVANTAGE of your cooperation with "Legalwork"

A huge advantage "Legalwork" customers, among other things, indicate an individual approach to each problem and situation, and our prices, which are much lower than those of other legal companies providing similar services in the market.

Our pricing is not incorporated proportion of the cost of consultations, written explanations and practical support of projects by other lawyers, because we do not resort to the use of intermediaries, and provide services exclusively directly on the principle of personal work "turnkey". It allows us to keep our prices at the democratic level acceptable to the customer.

A successful outcome is achieved through painstaking work and well-coordinated work of our professionals, each of whom is responsible for a certain direction.

Our location

You are always welcome in our office, which is located in the heart of the city Kiev, namely on:

17/2 Michailovskaya street, 2nd floor, office 11.