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Registration in Ukraine (Kyiv)

Registration in Kyiv – Kyiv Region

Price - 6500 UAH for 1 year

Ukrainian legislation envisages required registration of the place of living of foreigners or stateless persons. The period of such registration in Ukraine is set within 30 days from the moment of getting residence permit of a foreign citizen. Changing the place of residence of a foreigner in Ukraine requires a removal from the place of the previous registration and compulsory registration within 10 days at the new place of living.

Some penalties are provided for violations of the registration of the place of living.

Inaccurate registration, falsification of the stamp on registration, the using of the registration address for mass registration will lead to the cancellation of the relevant permits, and may lead to criminal liability of both the receiving party and the foreigner.

Registration in Kiev Ukraine

In choosing a company, which provide registration services, we advise you toexplore the market, to be seriousness and vigilance. Afterall, the unreliability of individual companies can adversely affect the entirerange of previously received services, such as work permit in Ukraine, obtaining a temporary residence permit, and especially - a permanent residence permit.

However, expensive does not mean quality

Even the "top" companies that provide services at high prices often use the addresses of mass registration of foreigners (there are incidents of registration of more than 70 foreigners at one address), and do not inform customers about it.

Also, the "top" companies often do not directly provide services, but use the services of more reliable, but small and "cheap" companies, and thus are an intermediary link between a client and a small company. As a result, the client significantly (sometimes 5 times!) overpays for the received service.

Why Legalwork is reliable and you can trust us:

1. Our company offers the service of registration a place of living in Kiev and Kiev region openly and at an affordable price.

2. In the provision of services of registration a place of living in Kiev and Kiev region with a client we:

  • conclude a rental contract
  • formalize a notarized power of attorney for representation in the territorial authorities, the Migration Service, the District Administration.

3. Our company was chosen as a partner and executor of leading companies of Ukraine, Europe and Russia, Belarus, Turkey and other countries.

We are responsible for the quality of our services!

Be careful!

There are many ads about the sale of registration at low prices (from 1500 to 2000 UAH). Turning to such companies you risk getting just a stamp about registration a place of living, but in the register of persons, who living in an apartment, your name will not appear.

Registration in Ukraine Legalwork
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