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The "LegalWork" company provides juridical and natural person services to obtain (extension) of work permits in Ukraine and temporary residence permits for foreigners in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

The Company is closely monitoring changes in the laws of Ukraine, and legal documents related to the stay of foreign citizens in Ukraine.

Preparation of documents with our help with clearly meets the requirements of the current legislation ensures a positive result.

In addition, we offer a good price policy.

Price (excluding compulsory payments, fees and insurance)

Service Period of execution Price
1.Obtaining a work permit in Kiev from 5 working days 3200 UAH
2.Work permit in Ukraine for 3 years from 5 working days 4600 UAH
4.A temporary residence permit 15 working days 3200 UAH
5.Extension of staying in Ukraine 3-4 working days 3200 UAH
6.A permanent residence permit from 100 working days 10500 UAH
6.Report from Ministry of Internal Affairs 3 working days 800 UAH
7.Invitation to foreigner in Ukraine 7 working days 3200 UAH
10.Registration in Kiev 2-3 working days 4800 UAH