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Document legalization

Apostille is a special stamp certifying the validity of signatures, status of persons, seals; confirmation of signatures and seals on official documents with an apostille makes these documents valid in all countries participating in the Hague Convention.

Apostille is affixed:

  • • On documents issued by the judicial authorities of Ukraine.
  • • On the documents issued by the prosecutor's office of Ukraine, bodies of justice.
  • • On administrative documents.
  • • On documents about education and academic titles.
  • • On documents issued by public and private notaries.
  • • On official certificates executed on documents signed by persons in their private capacity, such as official certificates of registration of a document or fact that existed on a certain date, and official and notarial certificates of signatures.

To affix an apostille, you must submit:

  1. The original of the document on which the apostille is affixed, or its copy certified in accordance with the established procedure.
  2. A document on payment for the service of affixing an apostille or a document confirming the right to exemption from payment, or a copy thereof, certified in accordance with the established procedure.
  3. A copy of the first page of the applicant's passport with personal data.
  4. A statement from the person submitting such documents.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On the granting of powers to issue an apostille provided for by the Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization of Foreign Official Documents", the apostille issues:

  1. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (diplomas on education; certificates on the awarding of academic titles; certificates, references from educational institutions, study plans and others).
  2. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (certificates issued by state registration bodies of civil status acts; extracts from the State Register of civil status acts of citizens; archival certificates; documents certified by notaries, court decisions and certificates).
  3. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (excerpts from the information-analytical system "accounting of information on bringing a person to criminal responsibility and the presence of a criminal record (i.e. Certificates of no criminal record)).
  4. State Migration Service of Ukraine (certificates/excerpts from the Unified State Demographic Register and others).
  5. State Tax Service of Ukraine (certificate confirming the status of a tax resident of Ukraine; Information from the State Register of Individual Taxpayers on sources/amounts of paid income and withheld taxes and others).
  6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine — on all other types of documents.