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Taxpayer identification number for foreigners

The price - 1000UAH

The term of issue is 5 days

Taxpayer identification number is an individual unique code of the taxpayer in the State Register of Individuals, i.e. a personal number for paying taxes, fees and other mandatory payments, issued to residents and non-residents of Ukraine.

Documents required to obtain a TIN:

  • - taxpayer registration card in form 1DR – a statement containing information about the foreigner (full name, place of residence/registration in the country of citizenship and/or place of residence/registration in Ukraine, presence of TIN in the country of citizenship, etc.);
  • - original passport, residence permit in Ukraine or other identity document (if a foreigner applies to the State Tax Inspectorate independently);
  • - a certified translation of the passport into Ukrainian and its copy (except for persons who have permanent residence permits or temporary residence permits in Ukraine);
  • - notarized power of attorney from a foreigner to represent his interests in the State Tax Inspectorate (if the foreigner applies through a representative).