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• Corporate companies and partners - 2500 UAH

• Immediate registration of temporary residence permit (1-2 days) - 3300 UAH

The residence permit in Ukraine is issued to a foreigner on the basis of:

  • service cards;
  • work permits;
  • family members (wife, husband, children on the basis of a work permit type of employment centers);
  • for work in a religious organization;
  • to foreigners who have issued marriage on the territory of Ukraine.

Residence in Ukraine issued for the duration of the work permit, but not more than one year with the possibility of further extension. In order to extend the temporary residence permit for a foreigner in Ukraine, you need to provide all the same complete set of documents as well as on the primary receiving any type of residence permit, not later than 15 days before the expiry of the existing residence permit in Ukraine.

After a foreigner has received a residence permit in Ukraine, it is also necessary to extend within 10 days from the date of issue, it is done in the regional housing and communal services (housing office) at the place of residence of a foreign citizen.

Our law firm Legalwork has many years of practical experience in services provided by us. We offer our customers the most complete range of services for the legalization of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine and help to get a temporary residence permit for a foreigner in Ukraine.

The list of services for those who wish to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine

  • We are helping to prepare a statement of the foreigner for a temporary residence permit;
  • We provide free advice on how to receive a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for the foreign citizen;
  • We help companies to prepare petitions for a temporary residence permit to a foreigner;
  • Pay State Taxes, receipts and other official payments;
  • We represent the interests of companies when submitting the package of necessary documents to the Migration Service of Ukraine;
  • We represent the interests of the company, while receiving the temporary residence permit in Ukraine;
  • In an expeditious manner drive out personally to the client.

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